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Statement of Income and Expenditure

  1. The statement of accounts shall comprise accounts of income and expenditure and an account of assets. It shall be drawn up in accordance accepted bookkeeping principles and with due regard for the purposes of this Law. The statement of accounts of the political party in its entirety shall incorporate the statements of accounts separately showing federal and state organisations and the statements of accounts of the subordinate organizations of each respective state organization. The state organizations and their subordinate organizations shall attach to their statements of accounts a complete list of all donations together with the names and addresses of the donors. The party state organisations shall keep the partial reports of the district organizations subordinate to them in collective form in their own accounting documents.
  2. Income includes:
    1. Members' subscriptions and similar regular contributions.
    2. Donations from natural persons
    3. Donations from legal entities
    4. Income from assets
    5. Income from organized events, distribution of printed materials and published materials and other income-raising party activities
    6. Public funds
    7. Other income
    8. Grants from subdivisions
    9. Total income from items 1 to 8
  1. Expenditures includes:
    1. Staff
    2. Current business activities
    3. General party work
    4. Elections
    5. Interest
    6. Other expenditures
    7. Allocations to subdivisions
  1. The statement of assets comprises:
  • 1. Property
      1. Capital assets
        1. Real estate and land
        2. Equipment of premises
        3. Financial investments
      1. Working capital
        1. Claims on subdivisions
        2. Claims for public funds
        3. Monetary assets
        4. Other assets

    III. All property

    2. Debts

  • I Reserves
      1. Pensions
      2. Other reserves
  • II Liabilities
      1. Liabilities towards the subdivisons
      2. Liabilities towards credit institutes
      3. Other liabilities
  • III All debts
  • 3. Net Assets (positive or negative).

    1. The statement of accounts shall show separately the total contributions of natural persons up to Rs.25,000 per person as well as the total contributions of natural persons which exceed the amount of Rs.25,000
    2. The report shall be preceded by a summary of :
    1. income of the whole party in accordance with Paragraph 2, Nos.1 to 7 and their total,
    2. expenditure of the whole party in accordance with Paragraph 3, Nos.1 to 6 and their total,
    3. any surplus or deficit,
    4. property of the whole party in accordance with Paragraph 4, No.1 I and II 2 to 4 and their total
    5. debts of the whole party in accordance with Paragraph 4, No.2 I and II 2 and 3 and their total,
    6. net assets of the whole party (positive or negative),
    7. total income, total expenditure, surpluses or deficits as well as net assets of the three subdivisional levels; national organization, land organizations and district organizations.

    In addition to the absolute figures for Nos.1 and 2 the respective percentage of total income under No.1 and total expenditure under No.2 must be indicated.

    1. The number of members at the end of the year must be indicated
    2. The party may attach brief explanations to the statement of accounts and especially to specific items.

    Public grants for party youth organizations shall not count towards the absolute and relative limits. They should be indicated in the party's statement for information purposes but are not to be included in the statement of income and expenditure.



    I_______________________________Son/daughter/wife of____________________________

    aged_____ years, resident of ______________________________________________am a candidate for election to the Office of ________________, and I do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as follows:-

      1. That, I have filed my nomination paper(s) for the above election.
      2. That, in connection with my candidature for the above election, I am submitting here with the information in the prescribed proforma and the Statement of Assets and Income pertaining to myself, my spouse and dependent members of my family under RP Act 1951
      3. That the information furnished is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and that nothing material has been concealed therefrom.





    Verified before me

    (Signature of verifying

    authority with seal)

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