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                                         Thanks To The Noble Person Of The Era, Dr. Jaya Prakash Narayan, Loksatta Who Is A Pioneer In Eradicating Corruption, Thanks To The Honorable President Of India Shri. K.R.Narayanan Who Delivered A Message To The Nation On The Day Of Golden Jubilee Celebrations, "One More Freedom Struggle To Root Out Corruption", Thanks To The Honorable Prime Minister Of India Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee Who Declared To "Cleanse The Political Corruption", Thanks To The Dynamic Honorable Chief Minister Of Andhra Pradesh Shri N.Chandra Babu Naidu Who Kept Corruption Eradication In Vision 2020 Strategy Paper, Thanks To Shri. Ramoji Rao, Eenadu Group Of Companies And Yuddavir Award Winner Who "Declared A Crusade Against Corruption", Thanks To News Paper Editors Of Eenadu, Andhra Bhoomi, Vaartha, The Hindu, The Times Of India, The Deccan Chronicle, The New Indian Express, Who Patiently Read My Letters, Thanks To Shri. Bhagwan Satya Sai Baba Who Got Through My Letter, Thanks To Rediff.Com Homepages Management Who Encouraged Me To Design The Home Page Corruption Eradication And Highlighted In The Homepages Web, Thanks To Microsoft Network, Yahoo.Com, Lycos.Com Who Provided A Space On Their Portals, Thanks To Indian Wallpapers.Com, Xara.Com, Thanks To Indian Government Web Site Managers, Thanks To Sri, K.Rama Lingeswara Swamy Who Translated My Thoughts In Rhythmic English, And Others Who Patronized Me In This Regard. Wishes To Sidhu Reddy And Srinu Who Designed The Web Pages According To My Thoughts And Directions.Thanks To A.R.Rehman Who Sing A Great Song On Mother India.

                                         My Boundless Grate Fullness To All Who Responded Profusely To My Monograph On Peaceful Crusade Against Corruption, This Monograph Is Not Directed Nor Aimed At Any One Nor Designed Nor Intended Against Any Person But To Enliven And Make The People To Be Vigilant About The Evils Of This Monstrous Corruption And To Veer The People Towards It And Prompt Them To Gird Up Their Loins To Stifle To Hamper And To Check The Spreading Of Its Tentacles And Menace Itself

To Combat Evil Forces, Good Forces Have To Be Mobilized Then The Country Will Be Deluged With Moral Fabric.

-Tirumala Srinivas


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