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"Eradication of Corruption in Agricultural Sector is instantaneous necessity "


Dear Friends!

A severe crisis is developing in the agricultural sector because of the W.T.O. agreement. A discussion is going allover The India, "How to reduce production cost of agricultural products and How to improve qualitative productivity". Since one month I have attended three meetings, the agricultural scientists gave the following suggestions:

  1. Select proper variety and quality of seed.
  2. Instead of transplantation method they suggested to use alternative method of spreading seed.( In Paddy)
  3. Use bio fertilizers and bio-pest control methods
  4. Use machines in cultivation operations like transplantation, cutting and harvesting.
  5. Combined action against rodents.
  6. Use Pesticides & insecticides in correct time and correct dose.
  7. Avoid using complex Fertilizers.

No doubt that the, above 7 steps will reduce the production cost slightly.

Very good results will come only after cleanse the agricultural sector as follows: -

  1. Due to the corrupt practices of some employees in the agricultural research stations, before proper testing and official release, new variety seeds coming in to the public. Some times this type of practices are giving adverse effects. Necessary action should be taken against this corrupt-employees immediately.
  2. Agricultural research stations located allover the world are using Bio - technology methods, but in India, research stations are using old and traditional methods. So the research stations should be facilitated with well-developed tools & technology.
  3. Due to the corrupt practices of some employees in agricultural departments, they are allowing licensed seed traders to sell lower quality seeds with out doing proper tests on seeds. Because of this farmers are facing the following problems:
  1. Lower percentage of seed germination.
  2. Actually 25Kgs of seeds are enough to 1 acre of paddy, but because of above problems farmers are using 50Kgs of seed, So unnecessarily they are wasting Rs. 250 /- in this account.

  3. Lower quality production is coming.
  4. Because of the lower quality seed, automatically farmers are getting yield lower quality & quantity.

  5. Lower quality is not suitable to export.
  6. In Indian market also farmers getting lower rate.

So, seed act 2000 should be implemented at an early date.

  1. Improper planing in the agricultural sector, production/demand ratio not maintaining correctly, finally farmers are becoming victims, in some times they are not getting minimum support price, and not getting investment also. (example previous Rabi crop in Andhra Pradesh)
  2. Scientists are suggesting over mechanization, no doubt about it, Definitely it will reduce the production cost in foreign countries but not In India. Because 70% of the people living cultivation as a main profession, and in this 90 % of the people are agricultural labor, except agricultural field work they do not know other works, so over mechanization will improve unemployment in common people and agricultural labor, over mechanization will improve starvation deaths in India. In India, labor power is cheaper than the mechanical power in agricultural sector. So over mechanization not suitable for Indian conditions.
  3. According to the calculations total investment Rs. 7000/- required for one acre of paddy. In this amount 60% of the money, farmers have spent only for fertilizers, pesticides & insecticides. Due to the corrupt practices of some people, in the circles of agricultural Department, manufacturers & traders, "Indian farmers getting 50 % low quality pesticides, fertilizers & insecticides." Corruption related people in the circles of, Agricultural department, multinational companies, Indian manufacturers & traders are indirectly looting Remaining 50% amount from the farmers, by using adulteration methods and sharing with out any shy, mercy and fear.

Proof: - Doses of Fertilizers, pesticides & insecticides recommended by scientists are not effectively working in the field, More than 100% extra Doses utilization of Fertilizers, pesticides & insecticides are only giving correct results in the fields, it is naked truth & Open secret.

Once the government takes dynamic steps to eradicate corruption in the above circles automatically production cost will be reduced to Rs. 4500/- per acre. Country's major problem will be resolved.

So you are requested to examine the above points and write an essay to educate the farmers and people, and give proper guidence to the government to eradicate the corruption in the agricultural sector, to effectively reduce the agricultural products production cost.

Thanking you sir,

Yours truly,

Tirumala Srinivas



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