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Present acts & laws regarding Anti - Corruption

Classification of Offences and Period of Disqualification

The following table gives the type of crime, the period of disqualification and the sections dealing with the relevant laws.
S.no         Offence                 Law         Period of Disqualification
1 Promoting enemity between different groups on ground of convictionreligion, race, place of birth,residence, language, etc. and doing acts prejudicial to main-tenance of harmony. IPC 153 A & B Six years from the day of conviction
2 Bribaary IPC 171 E -DO-
3 Undue influence or personation at an election. IPC 171 F -DO-
4 Rape IPC 376 or 376 A, B, C & D -DO-
5 Cruelty towards women IPC 498 A -DO-
6 Promoting enemity, hatred, ill will between different religious groups. IPC 505 -DO-
7 Practice of untouchability 22 OF PCR ACT -DO-
8 Importing or Exporting of prohibited goods SECTION 11 OF CUSTOMS ACT.1962 -DO-
9 Membership in prohibited associations Sections 10, 11, 12 of Unlawful Activities (prevention) Act 1967 -DO-
11 Offences of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances Narcotic Drugs and psychotropic substances Act, 1985 -DO-
12 Offences of committing Terrorist acts and disruptive activities. TADA ACT,1987 SECTION 3(Not in vouge at present) -DO-
13 Misuse of religious institutions Religious Institutions (Preventions of Misuse)Act, 1998, 41 of Section 7. -DO-
14 Electoral Malpractices RP Act, 1951, Sections 125, 135, 135A, 136 -DO-
15 Offences regarding places of Worship Place of Worship (special Worship provisions)1991 Act,Section 6. -DO-
16 If sentenced for Six Months under hoarding or profiteering Prevention of hoarding or profiteering Act Six years after completion of conviction
17 Adulteration of food or Drugs Prevention of Adulteration of food or Drugs Acts -DO-
18 Offences relating to Dowry Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961, Section 28. -DO-
19 Offences relating to violation sati Act. Commission of Sati (prevention) Act 1987,Section 3 -DO-
20 Electoral Malpractices and Corruption RP Act,1951,Section99 -DO-
21 Removal from Government Job on the grounds of Corruption Government Regulations 5 YEARS
22 Not informing to Election Commission about Election Expenditure RP Act, 1951 3 years
23 Electoral offences IPC 171 E, F & RP Act 1951, Section 125, 135,136. 6 years

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